Help us make it stronger….

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Don’t just get frustrated by what is happening in this country. Get involved on the ground level! Join us!

Sponsorship of upcoming events is needed. Please pledge $1000, $500, $100, $50 to support the county fair booth, promotional items, county headquarters, and door-to-door political education.

Please support your county party with sponsorship and/or membership.


Membership entitles you to participate in county business at our annual caucus and work with the party itself.

By joining the Republican Party of Clark County, you strengthen the Republican Cause, help your fellow Republicans, and learn how you can make a difference. Political parties have a lot to say about political principles, issues, what people emerge as leaders, and what choices your fellow citizens eventually will have before them.

Join the Clark County Republican Party of Wisconsin Today We Need You (

Membership provides a path for action, for making a difference you can see, a blueprint for achievement. Nothing could be more American than participating in our unique political process.

✔︎ The only way to become a member of the Republican Party is to join your local county party

✔︎ The county party is a grassroots volunteer organization committed to improving the community

✔︎ The county party provides the infrastructure and resources to recruit and elect strong candidates

✔︎ Membership necessary to vote for party platform, resolutions, or policies that effect the support of candidates running for office