$1,000 per year

Questions? Or, to apply, email: scholarship@clarkwisgop.com

Paid directly to the student with proof of enrollment in an approved organization, such as one described below.

Children of members in good standing of the RPCC will have an advantage in consideration.


  • Must be a resident of Clark County, Wisconsin.
  • Age 17 to 20, graduating that year or having graduated within the last 2 years.
  • Attending college, trade or technical school, or job training program the following year
  • Participation in 3 political events:
  1. at least one regular meeting of the RPCC
  2. at least one event sponsored by the RPCC (Lincoln Day Dinner, ‘Round Table,’ Picnic, etc)
  3. At least one event involving an elected official at the local, state, or Federal level)

(example: School board meeting, campaign rally, listening session, etc)

  • Submission of an essay defending a republican value (minimum 500 words, maximum 1,500 words).

Deadline: April 15th, every year.

Happy tax day!

How to apply:

1. Email the RPCC at scholarship@clarkwisgop.com indicating the desire to apply for the scholarship.

2. Have a member of the Executive Board of the RPCC sign off on your attendance at the three required activities.

3. Submit your essay by email to scholarship@clarkwisgop.com by the deadline. Include information relating to the three required events (date attended, who signed verifying you attended, name of the school, program, etc, you intend to attend the following year.*)

Winners will be chosen in July. Funds to be distributed after proof of enrollment has been provided to the RPCC.